CAPITAL CRIME LAUNCHES THE:CAPITAL CRIME BOOK CLUBCapital Crime presents the Capital Crime Book Club, an affordable monthlysubscription service and year-round home for crime and thriller fans.Capital Crime is pleased to announce the launch of the Capital Crime Book Club. The Capital Crime Book Club is an affordable monthly subscription service that will be a year-round,Continue reading “CAPITAL CRIME BOOK CLUB”

2020 CrimeFest Awards

Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award– Laura Shepherd-Robinson for Blood & Sugar (Mantle)With thanks to convention and award sponsor Specsavers. Courtesy of the sponsor, the winner also receives £1,000. Audible Sounds of Crime Awardfor Best Unabridged Crime Audiobook– Lee Child for Blue Moon, read by Jeff Harding (Penguin Random House Audio) With thanks to award sponsor Audible UK. Courtesy of the sponsor,Continue reading “2020 CrimeFest Awards”


No Exit Press million selling crime fiction favourite Leigh Russell launches her new novel Deadly Revenge on 23rd July. Leigh talks to Paul Burke about the new book on Crowdcast video interview 8.15pm. We’d love you to join us, maybe you’re have a question? Click the link to join us:


Deep as Death by Katja Ivar.The second Hella Mauzer thriller.“What Hella doesn’t realise, until it’s too late, is that the most dangerous of lies are those we tell ourselves.”That little teaser for Deep as Death comes from an interview I did with Katja on the publication of her debut, Evil Things, (January last year, seeContinue reading “DEEP AS DEATH”


The Underbelly by Gary Phillips (2010) LA author Gary Phillips writes engaging and thought provoking sci-fi and crime fiction in different forms; long and short stories, graphic novels and comics. He also likes to experiment with storytelling forms and often edits and collaborates on anthologies. He’s a born storyteller and his writing comes from theContinue reading “THE UNDERBELLY”


The Inspector of Unexplained Deaths by Olivier Barde-Cabuçon This light but intelligent novel augers well for The Inspector of Unexplained Deaths series. This is exciting historical crime writing – sharp witted and enjoyable. Chevalier Volnay is a fascinating detective, the Sherlock of the ancien régime; young, contradictory and enigmatic but quite, quite brilliant. A manContinue reading “THE INSPECTOR OF UNEXPLAINED DEATHS”


The Waiting Rooms by Eve Smith. Normally I would wait for the paperback release but I really thought you might want to know about this title available as an eBook now: Eventually the Crisis came and nothing ever returned to normal:‘Twenty years after they were imposed, emergency border controls and trade embargoes will remain inContinue reading “THE WAITING ROOMS”


Woman of State by Simon BerthonThis is a novel I picked up on a hunch a couple of years ago not being familiar with the author. The setting for Woman of State was right up my alley because it’s a thriller about Ireland, the Troubles and British politics which always intrigue me. I put itContinue reading “WOMAN OF STATE”


The Sirius Crossing by John CreedThis is an intelligent spy thriller set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s, with a bit of globe trotting thrown in for good measure. The Sirius Crossing is well writing and hugely entertaining. From the first page I was gripped by the dark mood andContinue reading “THE SIRIUS CROSSING”


Seventy Times Seven by John Gordon Sinclair.I’m a bit late to the party on this one, Seventy Times Seven was published in 2012. I came across this recently researching a piece on the Troubles and crime writing and I’m glad I did. This is a really entertaining and very well written debut thriller, packed withContinue reading “SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN”