The Eyes of Texas ed. Michael BrackenPrivate Eyes from the Panhandle to the Piney Woods.Bracken’s introduction to this intriguing and entertaining collection sets out to dispel any notions readers may have of the Lone Star State being just one kind of place, (your movie/tv inspired notions). Texas isn’t all devious oil barons in shiny glassContinue reading “THE EYES OF TEXAS”

CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection

Crime Reads Roundup.Three books I recommend from my personal reading in May: This Poison Will Remain Fred Vargas. This is the ninth Inspector Adamsberg mystery and I’m pretty sure hell will freeze over before I get tired of this original and inventive crime series – subversive, surreal and very French. The term left field wasContinue reading “CRIME ROUND UP: personal selection”


The Underbelly by Gary Phillips (2010) LA author Gary Phillips writes engaging and thought provoking sci-fi and crime fiction in different forms; long and short stories, graphic novels and comics. He also likes to experiment with storytelling forms and often edits and collaborates on anthologies. He’s a born storyteller and his writing comes from theContinue reading “THE UNDERBELLY”


The Real Cool Killers by Chester Himes (1959) Chester Himes’ writing has earned him a place in the pantheon of crime fiction greats. He got there the hard way – living every inch of the pain and prejudice his novels deal in. So why isn’t he better recognised for his contribution to the genre? AfterContinue reading “THE REAL COOL KILLERS”


The Body on the Sidewalk and The Reluctant Murderer by Bernice CareyI’m going to start with something I said in my review of Stark House Press’ 2019 Bernice Carey double header The Man Who Got Away With It and Three Widows* which still seems apt. Reading these two novels I get the same vibe IContinue reading “THE BODY ON THE SIDEWALK & THE RELUCTANT MURDERER”


Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn JacksonSome games are deadly serious and even if you don’t want to play you’re in, of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t change the rules of engagement. This sharp psychological thriller is wickedly enjoyable and I say that as someone who is always a little wary about ‘new’ psychologicalContinue reading “NEVER HAVE I EVER”


Maximum Rossi by Paul W Papa.A Las Vegas Crime Noir‘She was blessed with an abundance of legs; enough for two girls. It made me think things I had no business thinking.’To find a modern pastiche of the noir/hardboiled novels of the 40s and 50s this good is quite rare. This is a really decent homageContinue reading “MAXIMUM ROSSI”


Fall Out by M N Grenside. And, action! Plenty of it and super nasty bad guys and stories so outrageously crazy they can only be true. We got McGuffin plotlines, the real deal (buried treasure), assassins, WWII, war criminals, dodgy coincidence, plot twisting surprises, Apocalypse Now, the fall of Saigon, a Buddha, the Cannes filmContinue reading “FALL OUT”