2020 CrimeFest Awards

Specsavers Debut Crime Novel Award– Laura Shepherd-Robinson for Blood & Sugar (Mantle)With thanks to convention and award sponsor Specsavers. Courtesy of the sponsor, the winner also receives £1,000. Audible Sounds of Crime Awardfor Best Unabridged Crime Audiobook– Lee Child for Blue Moon, read by Jeff Harding (Penguin Random House Audio) With thanks to award sponsor Audible UK. Courtesy of the sponsor,Continue reading “2020 CrimeFest Awards”


The Redemption of Charm Frank WestworthKilling Sisters Book 3This is my first venture into the world of the killing sisters and, pleasingly, there’s more to this book than I was anticipating. The violence, and for that matter the sex, is pretty graphic, satisfying for anyone Jonesing for a blood fest, but there are long periodsContinue reading “THE REDEMPTION OF CHARM”


Barry Forshaw, Maxim Jakubowski and Paul Burke discuss the crime fiction of 2020. Best books so far, ones to watch out for. 8.00pm Thursday, 30th July. What are your picks? Join the debate on Crowdcast, just follow the link below: http://email.mg.crowdcast.io/c/eJxVjjsOwyAUBE9jOiO-BgqKKJHvQR5go5hgYSyuH9pIO80Uo_WWGx6CR8kywghRhFPKNTeY4pVprY00T6mVea1mEiRvGGrpHtzVcCpot0oBcAmSe9B6cSLGIEUUhi7eL_AW6LB7a-c18cfE1rHe-19jqDBoe5i3GlyboaYc5pigpfJF1Z7uPop377t-3LiwZZcODCX_AJhhOhE


No Exit Press million selling crime fiction favourite Leigh Russell launches her new novel Deadly Revenge on 23rd July. Leigh talks to Paul Burke about the new book on Crowdcast video interview 8.15pm. We’d love you to join us, maybe you’re have a question? Click the link to join us: http://email.mg.crowdcast.io/c/eJxVjssOgyAQRb9GdpLhYYUFi6aN_zEwVI0oxkdI_75sm9yzOYuTS05ZFSOx2UmQAD0oIZRRlgs-SGOM7eyrM719D7bRsI48HLlQwPPic2aTQ_1AQt1pIi-CN1oQQq-9iiGAtMCSm65rPxv1bORQV0r5a1QVKz7npU14b2Fq86eliJS-7HA73ikT-vtYsB4YV5wTD3n9ASgsOTE

Press Release

Theakston highlights to include Lee Child, Joseph Finder, Ian Rankin Jul 2, 2020 Harrogate International Festivals unveils its world-class virtual HIF Weekender line-up featuring performances and interviews with best-selling authors, internationally acclaimed musicians, and innovative thinkers. Running from 23-26 July, this cultural celebration coincides with what would have been the legendary long weekend of Harrogate’s Theakston Old PeculierContinue reading “Press Release”


#indiebookawards Bernardine Evaristo, Lara Maiklem, Sophie Anderson and Chris Haughton win the Indie Book Awards 2020 Independent Booksellers Reveal their Top Books for the Summer as part of Independent Bookshop Week London, 26th June 2020: With Independent Bookshop Week currently taking place across the UK (20-27 June), the top summer reads according to indie booksellers have beenContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE”