Last Montalbano published in Italy

Riccardino Andrea Camilleri
The final Inspector Montalbano novel was published in Italy yesterday, so the curtain has come down on the great detective’s illustrious career. Did he go quietly into retirement or meet a grizzly end? No spoilers, I promise, I haven’t read the book, and like a lot of British readers I know there are still two more adventures to enjoy before we get to Riccardino. Mantle will be publishing The Sicilian Method in October this year and after that there’s il cuoco dell’Alcyon.
Camilleri, who only began writing Montalbano in his late fifties, wrote Riccardino, the final case for the inspector, way back in 2005 but the novel was then hidden away by the publisher and more books in the series were written and published. Riccardino emerging into the light once more in 2018 for revision before returning to the secret vault. Until now – almost a year on from the author’s death on July 18th last year the story finally gets its airing.
In a typically playful moment for long term fans Camilleri gives himself a cameo in the book berating Montalbano over the phone for not investigating the murder of Riccardino rigourously enough (titbit courtesy of the Guardian). As for any other details, I’m sure we’d all rather wait and look forward to The Sicilian Method in October and then… The Chef at the Alcyon… And then… Riccardino.

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